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service & repairs

Order your bike online and pick it up at our bike shop:

You can order bicycles online:, Radon Bikes.

We will assemble them finally, picked them up in our shop or we will supply it to you for a small fee.


Leasing partners:


• Businessbike


Maintenance & Repair:

We repair and maintain your complete bike by appointment in a short time.

Since your health and safety is very important to us, we only use quality components.


Inspections & expert advice:

• Functional control

• Fine adjustments

• Winter check (tyres with spikes, parts oiling, air, brake & profile check, lighting check, new fenders)

• Spring check (brake and tyre check, adjust gearbox, etc.)

• Bicycle ergonomics & optimization of your seating position


Pick-up & drop-off service in the north of Munich:

For an extra charge, we offer this service in the following urban areas

• Schwabing - Freimann

• Maxvorstadt

• Milbertshofen - Am Hart

• Moosach

• Feldmoching

• Allach


Bicycle insurance: