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about us


In the Corona year 2020, which will also curiously go down in history as the boom year of the bicycle industry, after a mini-job in a Munich bicycle shop and the encouragement of good friends, the idea of setting up our own bicycle business has been consolidated.


Coincidentally, at this time, the Munich Gewerbehof Nord was completed on foot from our apartment, which is the ideal location as a prerequisite for the desired business.


We have started the project with great enthusiasm and look forward to future challenges. A few photos of the creation are inserted on our website. Have fun watching!



Since the founding idea, the velo-si-ped team has consisted of four people, all of which combine their passion for cycling. The main players in the short:



I came into contact with the first bike as a child. After my father worked in different two-wheeled companies, he took the step into self-employment in 1980. I was just 11 years old. I don't want to talk about a de-ja-vu, but already in the construction of the shop set-up the whole family and friends helped to keep the planned opening date - just like the construction of velo-si-ped.


Due to my enthusiasm for technology, which was put into my cradle, I quickly realized as a teenager that I wanted to develop further in this area. In addition to working in my parents' two-wheeled business, especially in the workshop, I completed an apprenticeship as a company locksmith. Afterwards I left the beautiful Black Forest and completed a mechanical engineering degree in Leipzig via the second educational path, which I completed in 1996 with the diploma thesis at Mercedes-Benz AG.


After that it actually only went up steeply;-)... In 1996, I worked at KUKA Schweissanlagen GmbH in Augsburg as a quality liaison engineer to the major customer BMW AG, where I joined the motorcycle sector two years later and still work part-time in a wide variety of functions.



Studied enthusiastic biker, with fine Russian roots and creative ideas that most likely arise in Om Shanti mode.


Florian and Yanina: 

Both studied, always in a good mood and optimistic, technically and creatively savvy, curious and always enthusiastic in search of new challenges. 


Deborah and Dominik: 

Our IT center, which always has very good ideas about new (social) media.

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